​​​​​Auckland Curling Club

Development and Resources

The Spirit of Curling

The Spirit of Curling refers to the respect curlers show, not only to one another, but also to the sport itself.

Online Learning

We can't be at the rink 24/7, sadly. This small selection of online resources has something for everyone, beginners to advanced.

Development and Participation

Auckland Curling's Development and Participation plan summarises the curling opportunities in Auckland (and elsewhere) for all – schools, youth, open and seniors.

The Rules of Curling

The sheets we play on at Paradice are a little shorter than the official length, but otherwise we play with pretty much the same rules as the rest of the curling world.

Spares and Substitutions

A standard team is 4 players, and you must have at least 3 on the ice. If you're a player or two down, you can ask for a 'spare' to make up the numbers.

Contact the Club Captain if your team is short-handed and you can't find a spare yourself. The more notice the better.