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Youth Development Programme Information

About the Programme

Auckland Curling Club’s Youth Development Programme (YDP) aims to develop a high-performing youth women's team and men's team that will be competitive at national-level championships and be strong candidates for national representation.

The YDP will provide successful applicants with mentoring and coaching by a qualified and experienced coach (Eleanor Adviento) and assistant coach (Benjamin Frew). The YDP will also provide generous financial support by covering accommodation, competition and equipment/apparel costs for all successful applicants.

Eligibility:Must be under 21 years old as of 30th of June 2024
Criteria for

Availability: Successful applicants must be available to participate in off-ice and on-ice training camps and competitions.

Commitment: Successful applicants must be committed to training and competition goals.

Coachability: Successful applicants must be able to actively listen, reflect and take on feedback from coaches.

Team player: Successful applicants must be able to work collaboratively in a team.

Curling ability: Successful applicants should have a combination of balance, athleticism, observation and analytical skills, accuracy, and feel for weight.

Whānau support: Whānau must be supportive of the applicant’s curling goals and endeavours.

Opening Date:  Thursday 7 September 2023
Closing Date:Sunday 1 October 2023
How to Apply:

Apply Online
Click on the following link and complete the Online Application Form. The online application must be completed by the closing date (Sunday 1st October 2023).

On-Ice Trials
The applicant must participate in on-ice trials on Thursday 5th October 2023, from 6:00-7:30 pm. If you cannot attend this, please contact Eleanor Adviento youth@aucklandcurling.nz

Application Outcomes
All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by Sunday 15th October 2023.

For all queries regarding the Youth Development Programme, contact Eleanor Adviento youth@aucklandcurling.nz